Patrick Rimond (en)


My photographic work is an exploration of the world. It begins with me and goes towards others in my portrait photography. I question the world’s material state in the landscape photography and most recently, with experiments on the reality through manipulation of the photographic medium. What brings these different practices together is the search for the Beyond, for the transcendence, for the vibration of the world. While the photographs seem documentary since my interest is in an area limited geographically, my first and foremost intention is to capture the sensation, such as the emptiness, the flamboyance, the absence… The beauty of the images is not stereotypical, in order to step back from the conformity. I hope to find and share the essence of things in the visual simplicity that is expressed with rigor, seriousness and restraint. It is work of attentiveness, both towards the people and things. The attention is paid without prior assumptions, with no judgement. The attentiveness requires time and energy, it lies within the realms of sensitivity and of contemplation. It is liberating to watch what one gains with the relation one has to oneself.