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The book is a series of landscapes of the Provencal forest printed full page / to fill entire pages with minimum design for total immersion.
The book is conceived as an object, with its grand format, its paper thick and warm and its binding with visible stitches. The pages are not glued at the spine, and so it allows for the double pages to be opened flat for better and full enjoyment of the photographs.
Slipped between the pages, there are two photographs of “objets trouvés”, printed on glossy coated paper, postcard size, as well as a Verlaine poem.


Photographs: Patrick Rimond 2016-2018
Concept: Patrick Rimond
Design: Jolanta Anton

First Edition
100 copies
48 colour pages, 290x195mm
25 photographs
Paper: Munken Polar 150 gr/m2
Font (book & website): Crimson text of GoogleFont by Sebastian Kosch
Binding with visible stitching in black thread
Printing Company: Cloître, Saint-Thonan
© Patrick Rimond 2019

Website QASD : Patrick Rimond
Translation : Sabina Czajkowska-Simpson
© Patrick Rimond 2019